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Healthyline mats use better quality crystals, than all our competitors. Our exclusive factory and products are FDA registered.


Most of our sales are through referrals and we don't have a sales team. And thats how we are able to provide better quality with less cost.

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HealthyLine has world's largest range of InfraMats products to choose from to match each customer's medical condition.

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Back/ Muscle Pain

Natural stone radiates heat via natural infrared rays that can penetrate even up to your bones

Poor Blood Circulation

Inframat helps remove the blockages. Poor circulation can cause a variety of problems.

Weight Control

Far infrared rays are capable of stimulating weight loss by improving the body’s basic metabolic function.

Many More

Migraine or chronic headaches, Depression, Anxiety,Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, High blood pressure Arthritis etc.

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Acute Illness

Prove any medical condition or  by sharing any existing medical condition with us, you're entitled to 10% discount



Place order 90 days in advance, until the mat is manufactured and shipped, you earn 10% discount


We Salute You 

Share any proof of your Veteran status and get 5% discount on any of our InfaMats

John Miller

I’ve bought this mat specifically for detox (general organ healing from years of taking pain killers) and acute pain mitigation. I chose this mat over a far infrared sauna because I wanted direct heat transfer on certain body parts and lie down comfortable as sitting in a real sauna did not seem comfortable.

testimonial_5_1-1Jordan Ward

Cynthia Munoz

What is good about InfraMat Pro is that I literally lay on this mat for almost 16 hours straight, it feels that incredibly good. As long as I stay on the mat, I am able to cut down my pain killers. So the trick for me personally, is to literally stay on the mat as much as possible, during acute pain episodes.

2_2-1Cynthia Munoz

Patricia Berry

Before using the Bio-Mat, we were using a magnetic mat for a long time, but it didn't work so well, so we almost gave up. During this time, we learned about the InfraMat Pro and my husband tried it first. We have been regular users ever since.Thank you Healthyline

3_1Patricia Berry

100% Risk Free 45 Days Trial

This NO OBLIGATION Trial is completely on us. Choose any product of your choice. 

A handling charge of $29 is applicable. If the product is purchased after the trial period, the handling charge will be waived off.