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Professionals Program of HealthyLine is a great opportunity for those who want to make some extra income without any risk of loss or pay. A partnership in which Professionals like doctors, healthcare practitioners etc, who can prescribe or suggest healthy line mats to their clients.

Gain profits and make a risk free business, while providing a crucial support to improve the health of your patients and improve the lifestyle by adding value to the healthy life with healthy natural stone products – HealthyLine InfraMat Pro Mattress.

Why Healthyline Partnership?

  • Risk-free business:You can exchange any purchased models (unused) for any other models at any time (or get store credit). You can send us back any unsold units (unused) for a 100% refund if you decide not to distribute our products anymore. You incur only shipping cost.
  • A privileged position in a community:While owning a risk-free profitable business, our affiliates enjoy the highest level of interaction with the centres/organizations.
  • A direct access to our expertise: We ensure our affiliate institute partners maintain a high level of current knowledge of products and other information to develop their business through our online/offline support.
  • Customized service: A professional is assigned to help each Partner to plan a proper strategy to improve their business and other facilities needed.