Warranty Policy

Although we produce extremely durable products, with the lowest defect rate in the industry, an almost ZERO percent defect rate, and triple-stage quality control, we still provide hassle-free warranty coverage.

All products made by HealthyLine™ have an automatic 30-day warranty with a simple, free option to extend the warranty to 365 days. (See below for details.) Any valid proof of purchase.such as a PayPal record, credit card statement, store receipt, or invoice—is sufficient as proof of the date of purchase. If you do not have a proof of purchase, send us an e-mail with detailed information about your purchase and we will attempt to trace it. We keep complete records of worldwide sales on our site, so we can usually trace the history of every product sold.

If a product is defective, and the defects do not include physical damage caused by incorrect or negligent usage, within 365 days of receipt of the product, you may obtain a free replacement from HealthyLine™. To do so, you must first contact us and explain the problem in detail. Most problems with our products are related to incorrect usage and can be resolved with the right suggestion or explanation. If the product appears to have any manufacturing defect, we will ask you to ship it back to us for a free replacement. All HealthyLine™ products or accessories with manufacturing defects will be replaced for free. Unlike other companies, we do not charge a restocking fee. If the product you return to us does not appear to be defective or has clearly been damaged by the user, we will ship it back to you at your expense.

If more than 365 days have passed since you received the product, the warranty will have expired, and you may not return the product to HealthyLine™. However, we are always willing to assist you in finding the best solution to any problem.

Free Warranty extension

You can extend your product’s warranty from 30 to 365 days by doing ONE of the following:

1. Take a picture or make a video of our product while you are using it. (Please be advised that these images may be used by HealthyLine on its website or in other promotional materials. You sending us this picture or video constitutes consent to such use.)

2. Review the InfraMat Pro™, describing your experience with it and how it has helped you. You may either send your review to info@healthyline.com or submit it directly on the product page.

3. Like us or share our site on Facebook, Google +, or Twitter. You must send us a link to your profile for the social media used.

4. Recommend our products to friends or family and have them mention your name when they purchase a HealthyLine™ product.

After you have done one or more of the above, e-mail us with sufficient information to enable us to register your extended warranty.

This warranty is fully transferable, so if you purchased your InfraMat Pro™ from a company other than HealthyLine™, your product is still covered by the warranty as long as you can show us an original receipt or product registration.

Optional Five-Year Warranty

For the InfraMat Pro™, we also offer an optional five-year extended warranty, for an additional 20% of the item’s purchase price. If you experience a problem with your product at any time during these five years, we will send you a new one as a replacement. The replacement may be the same model or a newer one. If you are interested in purchasing this extended warranty, please contact us by e-mail at info@healthyline.com.